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What we do...  


We cover most aspects in the house lifting industry:


> House Raising

> House Sliding or

   On-site moving

> Structural Steel    Beams

> Support of building     for excavation and    restumping

> Re-levelling

> Bracing



If there is a service that you require, please call Luke on 0409 277 352 or email us:


 Raise and Hold Only


We can raise and position your house, for you to do the steel work and posts yourself, or if you would rather we did all of the structural work, then we can arrange that as well.


Lift and holds start in price from approx. $2,500.00 + GST, for a period of 2 weeks. Longer hold periods are available if required.


Slide and Raise jobs start in price from approx $3,500.00 + GST.


Master Builder's Association           Member no:21169

         Raise and         Restump



We can do the complete raise and restump if needed, which usually takes about 2 weeks. We supply and install all the materials needed for the existing house and any proposed deck or extension if required.

Full raise and restump jobs start in price from approx. $10,000 + GST.

For a 3 bedroom house, the cost starts at around $15 000 + GST.

To provide an accurate quote we need a set of structural plans first. Until plans are available, only approximate prices can be given. See FAQ's page.

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